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I lost my arm, but not my dreams.

"I know, there will be some deep scars but that will become a part of me. That’s what I eventually want to achieve"

Meet Ananth Adiga, a brave, and determined Machine Learning enthusiast who does not let challenges stop him.

A determined mind and a strong will bear endless possibilities!

Ananth means infinity or endless. When I was a kid, my mom used to tell me that I was always smiling no matter what. If I had to describe myself, I had always been curious. I was always fascinated by the 'how' and 'why' of the universe.

Strong, not sure. Determined, yes, I am!

I always knew what I wanted to do. When I joined Dayanand Sagar University, I knew I wanted to do MS. Later I started to work at Lowe’s India as an engineer.

Apart from that, I Interned a lot. I have interned at IISC and ITP. I thought this would help me build my resume. I was very keen on doing research in Machine Learning.

So I applied to various Universities and got admitted to NYC, VT and Indiana. I decided to join Indiana because one of my professors was working over there on something I was interested in.

I was travelling on a bus to reach Bangalore for documentation. Unfortunately, my bus met with an accident. I was thrown out of the bus. That’s when I lost my right arm.

After a break, I went back to working and focused on myself and my healing.

Currently, I am pursuing MBA from IIM, Calcutta.

I am more optimistic now and accept whatever comes my way.

Looking back at the past Ananth, I am mature now and have a different outlook on my life. It doesn’t mean I don’t grieve for my loss. I’m trying to accept this and heal myself.

Through sickness and health…

When you are in your 20s, you don’t think a lot about what might happen to others. You don’t think about anything more than a cold or flu. In my case, when my friends and family all stayed with me the whole time, I realized that 'no matter what happens, your loved ones will always be there by your side on your bad days.'

Whenever I felt low, I would go and talk to my friends. They would comfort me by saying that it happened for a reason and that I should focus on my present and not my past. Without them, I would not have been what I am today. I am grateful to all the key people in my life.

Life has given me a second chance.

I used to overthink a bit, but I calm myself by saying that this is my second chance and I need to use it. When I think about the past, it seems unfair but I know if I focus on the present, I could achieve something bigger.

Dreams come true!

On a scale of 1-10, life is at ten right now. Getting into IIM Calcutta for MBA is the best thing that happened to me. I am motivated by new beginnings. There will be a lot of stuff that I’ll need to figure out. But, I am optimistic that I will get there.

My ultimate goal is to head my own office at Melinda Gates Foundation, and hopefully, IIM Calcutta is a start!

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