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I am not afraid of challenges anymore!

“It was only by looking at my daughters’ faces that gave me enough strength and energy to keep going…”

It was in March 2021, when Shalini was diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer. Shalini Sharma is a 50-year-old cancer survivor. She lives with her two daughters in Gwalior.

She had completed her education at Agra. At the age of 30, she was married and moved to Gwalior. She was a working woman until March 2021, when she was diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer.

A challenge only becomes an obstacle when you bow to it.

Shalini explains that it was because of her awareness of cancer that they could get it diagnosed in its early stage.

“At first, I felt pain and irritation and then felt a cyst. I was afraid at first, but I was aware. I decided to run tests and checkups in which I was diagnosed with Ductal Carcinoma. It was a huge challenge for me and my family.

We were tense as I had no support from my husband and had two daughters to look after. Only looking at my daughters’ faces gave me enough strength and energy to keep going and get complete treatment.”

The best protection any woman can have …is courage!

“We were struggling both, financially and mentally. But we decided to share this problem with our family and friends. We were surprised to receive the kind of help we got not only with finances but the love and support from everyone, it was overwhelming! They loved and cared for us even before, but the care we got during this time was something we never knew we needed.”

A message for all those suffering from cancer and to their families

“Cancer itself is a compelling and scary word. It is not something rare; we all have heard of cancer, but we do not have awareness about it, and sometimes we neglect our health. We ought to have a good lifestyle to prevent such risks; do yoga, take a good diet, and exercise!

I urge people if you know anybody; your family, relative, neighbours or anyone with cancer, to give them all your support. Money is not the only help, but moral support is the greatest help.

During such time, love and support from family work equally like medicines for one’s health.”

Life goes on…

Shalini believes that whether rich or poor, everyone has to go through a struggle period at some point in time, so don’t get scared, be strong, keep smiling and keep going.

“I am not afraid of challenges. I have always been strong; I am ready to face any challenge with a smile on my face. That’s the kind of mindset I have adopted throughout this journey.

Make your mindset positive. Do what you like to do and what makes you happy.”

The ray of happiness waits at the end of the dark tunnel…

“Finally, I have overcome this huge challenge. I do what I enjoy doing. I like to sing, read and spend quality time with my daughters. I am recovering well and am determined to live a healthy and good life ahead.”

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