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From Watchman to Superstar! But how?

He is the only actor in the world to have 8 of his films officially selected and screened at the Cannes Film Festival!

From working as a watchman in buildings to being a superstar in Bollywood isn't an easy feat. But that is what this man has made possible.

Photo Author: Laura Lee Dooley from Arlington, VA, USA

The struggle was real, just like for many others in the industry. Without having enough money to pay rent, leave alone bus fares, he walked from one studio to another, trying for roles. Only small and petty roles were offered to him, but that is Bollywood!

Born in a small town in Uttar Pradesh, he is the eldest of eight siblings. He is the son of a farmer.

One of his earliest memories is of waking up at 4am in the morning to help his father on the farm, before he could go to school.

He graduated with a major in Chemistry and worked as a Chemist in Baroda for a year. Soon he moved to Delhi. Since he wanted to join the National School of Drama, he acted in more than ten plays, which was one of the criteria to seek admission. His hard work and passion paid off, and he was able to study in NSD and graduated in 1999 and moved to Mumbai.

In a play called Uljhan, he had to play the role of a tree in which he had to keep his hands raised up as branches for almost 2 hours. Why did he do that? Because he wanted to be in that play alongside Manoj Bajpayee, who played the protagonist's role.

He started his journey in films with small roles in Sarfarosh (1999), Shool, Jungle and Munnabhai MBBS, and moved onto become one of the most loved actors in today's time. The number of awards he has received are too many to list!

He appeared in Pepsi’s Sachin Ala Re advertisement as a dhobi, and he was paid Rupees 500 for the role!

But what got him to where he is now? He had a dream, and he knew what he had to do to pursue his dream. He took action at every step to move ahead. He went through the learning that was needed in order to succeed and achieve. He persevered in the face of challenges and rejections. He never gave into pressure from society.

We, at The India Stories, wish Nawazuddin Siddiqui the best in cinema, and more success to come in the rest of his life!

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